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Naijaloaded Videos | How To Download on You have searched Naijaloaded videos, and you probably have gone through the Naijaloaded website, and you still don’t understand how to download your desired videos. Naijaloaded videos are of different categories. Follow through as I write on how to download Naijaloaded videos, but I will start by writing about the Naijaloaded Website.


Naijaloaded is one of the best platforms to get your desired videos, music, news, sports, etc. Naijaloaded web platform is one of the most popular websites in Nigeria. It is well known for giving free downloads of popular Nigerian songs and music videos.

The owner of this site is Makinde Azeez. The ten-year-old website was first known for providing a download for music and general information but was shut down for going against Google rules. Later, relaunched and became the most significant music download platform in Nigeria.

Now the website is known for its diversity in Naijaloaded TV and so on. The web address was formerly but now


Features on

On the Naijaloaded platform; you get to see different elements that are in separate pages for your satisfaction. Below is the list of the various categories on the site.

  • Music
  • Videos
  • Entertainment
  • NL List
  • NL TV
  • News
  • Sports
  • Talk zone
  • DJ mix

Music: In this category, you get to see the latest music release in Nigeria. You can also download your desired songs from here. Here, you get to see different kind of tunes; gospel, hip-hop, reggae and so on.


See music video, viral clips, and all Naijaloaded videos here.


Get to read current news in the entertainment news in Nigeria.

NL List:

Naijaloaded List (NL List). Here, you see the top 5, top 10 on various things on a particular subject.


Naijaloaded TV (NL TV) is a combination of exciting videos developed by the team.


Read the current story on the things happening in the country.


Sports article and reviews. See information on what is happening in the sports world.

Talk zone:

Here, you meet other people and discuss music and other subjects.

DJ mix:

Download recent mixtape release by your favorite DJs.

How to download Naijaloaded Videos

  • Visit your web browser and type in on the search field.
  • At the homepage, just at the top, click on “videos.”
  • Then see if your desired video is on the top list of Nigerian music videos.
  • If not, at the right sidebar of the page, you will see the search field.
  • Type in your desired video and click on “search.”
  • When you find your video, click on it.
  • On the new page, navigate down and click on “Download This Video.”
  • You will be redirected to a platform where you can download the video in different formats.
  • You can download in HD, mp3, Mp4 and so on.

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Having completed these steps, you are set to download your desire Naijaloaded video. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and enough storage space for the download. The download can be done on your PC or mobile device. It does not have any restrictions.

Benefits of Naijaloaded Videos

  1. The platform is very smooth to navigate with less redirection.
  2. You can download in your desired video format.
  3. The download is fast and easy
  4. It does require sign up or payment
  5. It does not have any restrictions.


Naijaloaded videos are complete and up-to-date for all video lovers. When on the platform, you can also see other fun content. If you have any questions, feel free to put it down on the comment box.

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