MTN Night Plan | Get the MTN Night Plan Subscription Codes

With the viral MTN Night Plan, you can enjoy large amounts of data for low prices. MTN gives data bonuses per data cache. Learn more about the MTN Night Plan here on this post.

If you are new to this network, then you may want a little introduction. MTN is a telecommunications giant in Africa. Plying its trade for decades, the company is famous for its sustainable policies and satisfactory services. 

The company has only ever grappled best internet providers position with GLO. However, its network coverage is extant and reliable. 

In terms of internet services, MTN has a complete catalog spanning:

  • Speed
  • Large data units
  • Cheap rates, etc. 

Recently, the trending deal from the company appears to be the MTN Night Plan. So, how do you enjoy this benefit? Allow us to explain more about it in this post.

MTN Night Plan Overview

MTN offers several interesting data in different contractual caches. For instance, the company has many tariffs that provide services for different prices. Depending on the MTN tariff you are using, you can also benefit from the MTN Night Plan.

Of the several data plans by MTN, only MTN Pulse offers Night Plan. So, the first step to enjoying this deal is to Migrate to MTN Pulse.

Because it offers quite a load of data, the Midnight Data Deal is the favorite of MTN users whose works consume large data units.

If you are new to this, then you might want to learn how to access the offer. We will show you how to do this, as it happens.

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MTN Night Plan: Get 500MB at N25

If you wish to subscribe to this plan, then follow these steps:

  • Have at least 30 Naira to clear regular service charges
  • Migrate to MTN Pulse
  • Go to your message folder
  • Write NIGHT
  • Then, send to 131

Depending on the time you subscribed, you will get a message for a 4 hours validity period from MTN. The message will also confirm that it is successful.

Also, there is a constrictor here. You cannot get this offer more than once in a validity period. However, with more than one SIM card, you can subscribe and get more MTN Night Plan.

MTN Night Plan: 1 GB, 2.5 GB, 5 GB

If you do not like sitting up all night to browse, then you will like these packages. It is not difficult to access. You merely have to follow these simple rules:

  • Ensure you have at least N200, N500, and N1000 for the 1GB, 2.5GB, and 5GB in turn, for each subscription
  • Dial the USSD Code, *198#
  • Reply to the ensuing request
  • Click the number standing for the data plan you want (8)

Check your MTN Night Plan Data Balance

For android users, the data usage cache on their mobile device has this information. On a PC, MTN fast link stat can serve.

Note that this is for a 500MB Data Subscription

To derive more benefit from your MTN Night Subscription, always subscribe after midnight. We recommend any time after 10 Minuit past midnight. 

Also, the MTN Night Plan is only available within the validity period. This period is usually between 12 am to 4 am.

However, by leaving their Modem connected, Laptop users can bypass this odd. They can even continue using this service after six in the morning.

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Night Data Plans for iPhones and Android phones

There are several plans you can subscribe to if you are using an Android phone or iPhone. The MTN Night Plan for these products come in different validity periods. So, let us look at each one serially.

MTN Daily Data

You can get the following data packages in the ways described below:

Get 30 MB Data 

To get this package, follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone’s messages folder
  • Write 104
  • Send to 131

You should note that this plan costs N100 and is valid for one day.

Get 100MB Data

To get this package, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s message folder
  • Write 113
  • Send to 131

This data plan costs N200 and lasts for 24 hours.

MTN Weekly Data

If you prefer a better data plan to a daily one-off data subscription, you can subscribe to this MTN Weekly plan. See below to learn you can subscribe to it.

Get 750 MB for N500

To subscribe to this plan, follow these steps:

  • Send a text message, 103, to 131
  • Wait a few seconds, and you will get a notification confirming that the subscription is successful

Also, as this is a weekly plan, it is valid for one week (168 hours).

MTN Monthly Data

MTN also offers monthly 1.5GB data for N1000. And like other packages in this tariff, it has a fixed validity period too. So, if you subscribe to this plan, it will expire after a month.

Below are the available packages and how you can subscribe to them:

1.5GB MTN Data Plan

  • Open your messages folder
  • Write 106
  • And send it to 131

This plan costs N1000 credit.

3.5GB MTN Data Plan

You can get this data for just N2000 valid for one month (30 days). Just follow these steps to subscribe:

  • Send an SMS, 110, to 131
  • You will get a notification proving the subscription is successful 

10 GB MTN Data Plan

You can get 10GB off the MTN data cart at N5000. Follow these steps to recharge now:

  • Send an SMS, 116, to 131
  • The MTN Network will send a message of the successful transaction to your phone

This offer lasts for one month, being a monthly plan.

22GB MTN Data Plan

To subscribe to this plan, follow these steps:

  • Send an SMS, 117, to 131
  • The transaction gets confirmed instantly

This plan costs N 10 000 and is valid for one month.

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MTN 60 days Data Plan

By texting 118 to 131, you can clinch 50GB MTN data for N 20 000. The offer is valid for 60 days, two months. 

MTN Quarterly Data Plan 

You can take a bold stride by subscribing only four times a year. How is this possible? With the MTN Quarterly Data Plan, you can get 85 GB for 90 days. As it covers a quarter of the year, the 90 days plan is ideal for people who dislike daily subscriptions. 

To get this offer, send an SMS, 133, to 131.

Check your MTN Data Balance for iPhones & Android phones.

From time to time, you may wish to know your MTN Data Balance. It is not difficult. Just follow this method:

  • Text 102 to 131
  • Your request gets answered immediately

Additionally, the reply from MTN will contain the expiry date of the subscription that reflects the validity period.

Moreover, you can get other offers from the company apart from the MTN Night Plan. How about we show you more benefits such as free calls and affordable MTN tariffs?

Make Midnight Calls at N0.00

Before the deluge of data bonuses from MTN, you could not make free phone calls through this line at midnight. Such service costs N100 recharge card. Now, you can make calls using the MTN Pulse tariff with N0.00 in your MTN Credit Account. 

However, although this offer is available for 4hours (12 am to 4 am), it only works for calls between MTN Lines.

The subscription USSD Code is *460*3#. This MTN Night Plan offers free calls, unlike the data packages.

Additionally, you get to enjoy these values on MTN:

As low as 4k per second call rates for calls between MTN lines on MTN Zone

And with MTN TruTalk+, you can make calls for these rates:

  • Local Calls at 11 kobos per second
  • International Calls at 20 kobos per second
  • Finally, you can get these offers on MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid:
  • Make local/international calls at 15 kobos per second.
  • Also, this plan does not deduct the daily accession fee. 

1 Alternative to MTN Night Plan: MTN Beta Talk

If you subscribe to Beta Talk, you get a 250% bonus on your subscription. It does not start on lower percentages for new subscribers. Also, any charges on your credit balance do not bear on the 250% bonus.  

Further, the tariff plan gives weekly 10MB coupons and 40 kobo local calls for every data subscription.

2 Alternative to MTN Night Plan: MTN iPulse

You can get staggering prizes for cheap rates in this tariff plan. For instance, MTN iPulse offers:

For calls between MTN Networks 
  • 40 kobo per second for 1 Minuit 
  • Then 15 kobo per second top for regular calls
For calls between MTN and other Networks
  • 40kobo per second
  • 10MB coupon for N100 recharge credits
  • Weekly 1GB Data at N500
  • 500MB at N5 per night

As you can see, these offers are enticing values, and they are cheap. So, if you wish to migrate to any of the MTN tariffs, you can use these USSD Codes:

  • Beta Talk: *123*2*6#
  • MTN Zone Tariff: *135*1#
  • XtraSpecial: *408#
  • iPulse: *406#
  • TruTalk+: *123*20#

As these are the competing MTN Tariff Plans currently, we hope you get the best data packages from them at cheap rates. Please, share your thoughts on this post with us in the comment box.