Latest Racksterli New Update | Racksterli Upgrading or Permanently Down

Latest Racksterli New Update: Just a few months ago, Racksterli promised subscribers they could earn profits from their comfort zones while expending minimal effort. However, the last few days have been less than satisfactory on the Racksterli Website. The website is inaccessible, and its visitors are clamoring for their payment.

The company’s teeming investors in Nigeria took to the mini-blog space, Twitter, to decry the recent problem on Racksterli. Many of the customers project that the company has finally gone rogue and made away with its investors’ capitals and profits. But is there a Latest Racksterli New Update, though? If you want to know about it, then continue reading this post.

Latest Racksterli New Update: Is Racksterli Down Permanently?

As you know, Racksterli is an online investment avenue that, before now, pays coupons and daily tokens to its subscribers for sharing Racksterli-recommended ads and posts on their WhatsApp.

In its early days, the brand gained popularity when Nigeria-American celebrity, Davido, promoted services from the company. For most Nigerian Investors in Racksterli, it serves as all the vouchers and insurance they need. Also, you can infer from the website that Racksterli invests significantly in promoting brands and placing ads and specific videos.

However, the question that sets social media astir are:

Is Racksterli Down?

Is there any Latest Racksterli New Update?

When will the Latest Racksterli New Update be available?

With time the answer to this question might ring differently from this statement by the CEO of Racksterli:

“Dear Customers, 

Kindly be advised that we are aware of the downtime on the website, this is because the website is currently undergoing some upgrade to allow us to serve you better. The website will soon be up and running, and you can be able to share your daily sponsored posts and cash-out also.”

Further, a company that operates on a daily task-for-profit model should never experience website downtime in the first place. So, despite the assurance by the Company CEO of Racksterli, the company’s customers continue to panic.

Likelihood/Possibility of Racksterli getting back to activity

If any Latest Racksterli New Update is forthcoming, nobody knows for a certainty.

However, this issue in Racksterli has precedence. A year ago, a similar online investment company known as Racksterly defrauded its customers after paying them duly for a few months. With regards to the Racksterli Website downtime, customers fear that the same pattern is repeating.

Is there a kernel of truth in this? Yes. Other online investment platforms never resumed activity once they put up an “upgrading” alert. Some names come to mind, like Giftworld and Racksterly. 

Further, the CEO of the Company seems to send terse replies to requests from customers. Judging by this trend, chances are that Racksterli will not get back to activity.

Moreover, the only Latest Racksterli New Update that keeps coming up time and again is the same vague allusion to the website downtime. So, at this point, it is safe to assume that Racksterli is down permanently.

You can try visiting the website here

Reactions to Racksterli Downtime

Nigerians rarely take no for an answer when money is involved. Most of the Racksterli investors continue sending messages to Twitter influencers and famous figures who promote the brand. And the messages all bear the same tone: they all request for their investment in Racksterli.

Also, since the Latest Racksterli New Update from the CEO is not satisfactory, the company has become the object of derision on social media. Many Twitter users make light of the situation, however. They prefer making funny memes about it to shedding tears about the racksterli website downtime.

Currently, you can choose to move on, or wait for more Latest Racksterli New Update from the CEO of Racksterli. In any case, always refer to this post for updates.

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