Juicy fields Crowdfunding Registration and Finance for Profit

As the world grows, things grow with it. The beginning of marijuana use decriminalization in the world is giving rise to new industries and these industries have intentions for investors in which they plan on getting alternatively. One of the key players in the industry is the Juicy field.

Okay here, we have three major brief headlines to cover concerning this particular profit-bearing platform.

What are juicy fields?

Juicy fields is a CROWDFUNDING platform that connects would-be investors with medical cannabis businesses looking for financing.

The platform is majorly concerned in the aspect of providing the opportunity for small businesses in the cannabis industry to earn money by improvements as well as expansion.

As already stated before, the process of this crowdfunding is called crowd growing, this is where investors both small scale and big scale finance the system and process of growing cannabis for medical uses.

Why you should invest?

The medicinal cannabis industry is a fast-growing one. However, your main function is sponsoring or financing the project of growth of the medicinal cannabis plants and juicy fields is the easiest way to become an early investor in the market with absolute great returns and other economic benefits which might be attached to it.

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It is easier to invest with juicy fields, and anyone of legal age is allowed with a minimum of 50 dollars per unit which can as well vary based on the current exchange rate during when you make your purchase.

The growth period for the plant is usually about 108 days and this time you will be able to get your returns and profits ranges from 36 – 66 percent depending on what plant you get (there are four basic different plant types and their returns) and how many of them.

How can you invest?

Well, this market is a booming one since most countries including the world health organization (WHO) have legalized it and the process will still continue until all the countries in all regions will be able to legalize its cultivation and free use of the medicinal cannabis.

  • To invest with juicy fields you will need to register for juicy fields account @ juicyfields.mx or Click Here to enter
  • Click on the free registration tab and follow the simple procedure to get your account created when you are done click on let’s grow and verify your email to get you started.
  • Make the first purchase of your plant by clicking on the “clone shop” on your page, select your plant, the number of plants you wish to purchase, and then click buy when you are satisfied.

Note: Juicy fields accepts both bank transfer and cryptocurrency payments. Remember to send the correct amount of payment for your purchase, it is highly advised to pay a little more instead of lower.

The good part of this online farm is you get to see for yourself how your plant(s) grows in real-time from the greenhouse tab.

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Finally, saving money is hard most people would say. But investing is an important strategy for savings which does not only keep your money but produces returns even when you don’t have to be the one working for it, and juicy field has made it possible for even the smallest of the scale businesses to be able to invest and gain returns as the big companies do.

The business is legal because the cannabis which you would grow is for medical purposes and is still at its baby stage so why not jump right in and get yours before the bigger industries take over, it is a great opportunity to invest.

The main goal of the juicy field is to create a global brand for the production of medical cannabis products that are of course oil-based.

If you need more info you can as well check the site’s home for or as us here using the comment box