Jinggangshan University Scholarships for Non-Chinese Students in China

Non-Chinese Students in China can learn at Jinggangshan University for free or with minimal charge. just take advantage of this open door by applying for Jinggangshan University Scholarships as soon as possible. Applications are welcomed for Jinggangshan University Scholarships are presently accessible to consider undergrad and language schemes. They are open to Non-Chinese Students.

Candidates whose first language isn’t English are typically required to give proof of capability in English at the more elevated level required by the University.

What You Must Know about Jinggangshan University

Jinggangshan University (JGSU, from this point forward), a state-run establishment of advanced education, is known for its thorough customary undergrad programs with a long history and storied past.

It is a college mutually held together by the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, helped by Tongji University and approved by the Nanjing Military Region for the development of military abilities and levels.

Level/Field of study:

Huge opportunities are accessible to seek after undergrad and language programs in the accompanying field of study;

Structural Engineering Undergraduate Program: The length of tutoring is four years.

Chinese Language Programs (non-degree): Spring Program and Autumn Program are accessible, either going on for one month.

Host Nationality:

The grant is facilitated by the Jinggangshan University in China.

Qualified Nationality:

The grant is available to non-Chinese understudies.

Major Benefits:

Jinggangshan University is an official establishment of advanced education for Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarships to enroll worldwide students in the country.

A. Any first-year student who holds Level Three testament of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK3) or above can acquire a grant when entering school, the measure of which fluctuates from RMB 3000 Yuan to RMB 5000 Yuan as per the declaration grade.

B. MBBS scholars can apply for the college level grant every year during their examination at our college. On the off chance that they meet the prerequisites of the grant evaluation, they will get a grant differing from RMB 2000 to 10000 Yuan.

C. Civil engineering sophomore scholars who have paid the educational cost and all the expenses of the principal year and get enrolled before the examination meeting of the common level grant (consistently occurs over the most recent ten days of November), can get a commonplace grant which adds up to RMB 20000 Yuan.

Our college will separate the opportunity into equal parts: the principal year RMB 10000 Yuan and the second year RMB 10000 Yuan. From the second year to the fourth year, structural designing understudies can apply for the college level grant going from RMB 2000 to 10000 Yuan every year.

Grant Number:

The number of offers was not indicated.


The accompanying criteria must be met with the goal for candidates to be qualified for the grant:

A candidate is qualified for the honor of a grant in a year if, in that year, the candidate:

All candidates should hold a legitimate identification, be solid genuinely and intellectually, be acceptable in character and present a non-criminal record. They will comply with the laws and guidelines of the Chinese government, comply with the college guidelines and regard Chinese individuals’ social traditions and propensities.

Candidates for MBBS Program ought to actually have a score higher than 65% of the absolute score in such courses as English, science, and science.

Candidates for the Civil Engineering Program ought to have a passing score or above in such courses as English, arithmetic, and material science.

Enlistment Targets

Undergrad Programs: Aged 18 to 25, non-Chinese residents with senior secondary school confirmations or above.

Chinese Language Programs (non-degree): Aged 18 to 40, non-Chinese residents with senior secondary school confirmations or above.

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language isn’t English are generally required to give proof of capability in English at the more elevated level required by the University.

Application Procedure for Jinggangshan University Scholarships

A. Send examining duplicate of utilization records required above in 6.1 to the email address: gjc@jgsu.edu.cn or 474512489@qq.com;

B. Send the paper original copies of utilization records required above in 6.1 to the International School of Jinggangshan University. Conveyance Address: No.28 Xueyuan Road, Qingyuan District, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China.

Application archives

A. Jinggangshan University Application Form for Foreign Students’ Study in China (Download from site http://gjc.jgsu.edu.cn)

B. The senior secondary school or above recognitions and the transcripts

C. Substantial visa (filtering duplicate or photocopy)

D. Non-criminal record endorsement gave by their living arrangement police headquarters or confirmation of school execution given by his/her school.

E. A monetary assurance by an individual (counting an outsider who has a normal activity in China) or organization, or salary evidence from parents utilizing association, or a testament of bank sparing.

F. Physical assessment results from the formally perceived medical clinic.

G. Photograph (The necessities are equivalent to an identification photograph).

H. Chinese language learning experience evidence or HSK Certificates (assuming any).

It would be ideal if you comprehend that we won’t return the previously mentioned application records regardless of whether the candidate is conceded or not.

You can start the application by tapping on Online Application and get more subtleties by tapping the Scholarship Link

Jinggangshan University Scholarships Application Deadline:

Undergrad Programs: The cutoff time for application is September 30th and Language Programs: The cutoff time for Spring Program is April 30th and September 30th for Autumn Program.

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About Studying in China

Concentrating in China is an incredible chance to investigate the world’s most crowded nation. You will encounter China’s one of a kind mix of old and current human progress.

China’s monetary advancement over the most recent 30 years is extraordinary in world history. In only a couple of decades, China has gone from probably the most unfortunate nation on the planet to a territorial and worldwide pioneer with a dynamic economy.

Since 1980, China’s normal yearly development rate was over 10% – more than double the United States and the European Union. China is presently the world’s third-biggest economy.

China’s average cost for basic items is very low contrasted with the United States, Canada, Australia and numerous pieces of Europe. Nourishment items and shopper merchandise are the most economical things in China. A feast at a nearby eatery for one individual could cost a couple of dollars.

Getting around in China is helpful and cheap gratitude to a very much created and present-day transportation foundation. All urban areas are all around served by transports and taxis, and bigger urban communities have present-day tram frameworks.

What are the Advantages of Studying in China

  • An ongoing monetary and modern center point and driver of worldwide development accordingly pulling in understudies and researchers from everywhere throughout the world
  • The University is situated at the Center of China, with great nearness to the business center points in the South and the industrialized East.
  • Top-quality infrastructural and learning offices tantamount to the absolute best school on the planet.
  • An enormous pool of worldwide understudies in the city and urban communities past
  • Education costs are lower than western Europe’s and most Asian nations yet offering quality assistance and a delightful domain.
  • Opportunity to class and pursue your business/exchange dreams the world’s most powerful exchanging focus.
  • Less unpleasant confirmation necessities and procedures.
  • Reasonableness
  • Business Advantage
  • Nature of Education and International Recognition
  • Travel and investigation

What You Need to Know About China

  • The world’s biggest national populace, more than 1.3 billion individuals – 20% of the Earth’s whole populace
  • Over 90% of the populace lives in the eastern third of the nation
  • The full official name is the People’s Republic of China
  • The capital city is Beijing, the biggest city is Shanghai
  • The primary language is Mandarin Chinese, which has more local speakers than some other language
  • The world’s quickest developing and second-biggest economy, in the wake of surpassing Japan in 2011
  • Fourth-biggest nation by territory (after Russia, Canada, and the US)
  • The main nation other than Russia and the US to have propelled a kept an eye on space flight; the legislature has set an objective of building up a space station by 2020
  • Under Communist guideline since 1949
  • The world’s second-biggest oil buyer, after the US
  • Extremely various atmosphere – from tropical in the south to subarctic in the upper east
  • Chinese urban communities much of the time show up in writes about the world’s most dirtied places

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