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Are you aware of the Free Ishiba Grant Payment 2021? I’m certain countless persons do not believe this, but here on this report, we will be offering some explanations regarding Ishiba Grant Payment 2021. This grant is very much engaging as I have observed people get gifts from the Ishiba grant Payment.

We shall be providing all the knowledge which will be necessary regarding the case matter. Generously assure you skimmed through this article and correctly follow the directions below to request for the application and identify how you can be a part of the Ishiba development and empowerment plan.

What is Ishiba Development and Empowerment Programme?

Ishiba Development and empowerment agenda is an NGO foundation established by Evangelist N. Praise in the year 2006 and duly enrolled under the Nigerian CAC in Abuja on 25th August 2016. They present members with the possibility to locate free grants in various disciplines such as religion, agriculture, education, skill acquisition, and health care. The Ishiba Grant has 36 directors across the 36 states of the Confederacy.


Ishiba has established schools, rehabilitate school structures; distributing some tutorial elements to school and have settled so many school fees for so many personalities in the nation. They give scholarships, consulting and mentoring services to learners with no charge.

God’s Word

The originator is an Evangelist; Ishiba is a Christianity based NGO intended at battling hunger and prejudices in Nigeria.


The NGO now understanding that what the residents of Nigeria need is money, they have assured they distribute funds to fitted candidates. Ishiba has encouraged so many sole possessors and businesses with funds in starting up their companies.

Is Ishiba Grant Payment 2021 real or fake?

After so investigation, I’m very confident that the Ishiba Grant payment 2019 is real unless I get evidence from anybody showing otherwise.

Benefits of becoming a member of Ishiba Development and Empowerment Scheme

A member instantly becomes apt to participate in any of the grants connected with ISHIBA;

  1. Member is fitted to be part of any of the rare seminars and classes organised by ISHIBA, which may be combined with any of the following;
  2. Health Care
  3. Agriculture
  4. Mentor ship in trades of various kinds
  5. Skills acquisition
  6. The person is designated to own a certificate (fetching N1000) after all workshop and seminar
  7. He/she is adequate to petition or approve areas for projects. These schemes can be funded by ISHIBA or via any of her sponsors;
  8. To become a complete member, they must be present in all seminar designed by ISHIBA DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERMENT CENTER.

How to Access Ishiba Grant Payment 2021 | Membership Application form

  • Go to the main site of Ishiba at;
  •  At the first page of the Ishiba Foundation web portal, at the head of the page, tap on the ‘Join Us’ icon, it will now lead you to the registration platform;
  • Make sure you complete the form with your accurate details;
  • Ensure your bank documents or any proof of payment is close to you and also forward it to the email address that will be assigned to you for affirmation;
  • An email will be forwarded to you notifying you that your account has been initiated. Generously log in from this period;
  • Also, you can now employ for Ishiba Grant Payment 2021 at this level.

Regional Location

No 229, Enugu Road, near Fem-park Junction, Ugwunkwo Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Call Lines: +234-70328-70953

Email addresss: