Is Legit? Primevault Review and Investment Plans

Primevault is a Digi Business that pays registered primers daily profits for carrying out specific tasks on the website. Is Legit? Is it a scam? Find out in this post.

In essence, you get to earn amounts in N250 – N600 profit tally when you share a primevault media post on your social media account.

Naturally, a good investor will learn as much as he/she can about an investment option before he invests. We advise that you follow this method too. That is why we wish to review and how credible its investment packages are.

Moreover, we also wish to issue this caveat emptor: we do not work as a subsidiary to Primevault, neither do we recommend its services to anyone. We simply examine the investment packages on the Primevault Company and invite you to pass the final verdict.

Is Legit? Primevault Overview

Primevault operates on very simple policies and requests only a few minor tasks from its investors. By accepting as little as three thousand Naira (3, 000) registration fees, the company makes it easy for you to start earning on the app. The highest start-up plan costs only seven thousand (7 000) naira. 

Below are the Available Investor Packages on Primvault:

Primvault Premium Package

The Primevault Premium Package offers these values to its investors:

  • N3 000 for registration
  • A hundred Naira to share Primevault sponsored adverts to your social media post
  •  N50 Daily bonus for logging into the website
  • As a referral, you can also earn N 1000 on the site daily.
  • Additionally, you get N100 for doing specific tasks on

 Depending on how promptly Primevault pays its customers, we can be able to get the answer to this question: Is Legit? Moreover, the company allows members to opt for membership renewal to continue their investment after 30 days.

Primevault Gold Package
  • Primevault also offers a second-tier membership package for investors. It is known as Primevault Gold Plan. See the earnings accruing to a member in this category below:
  • N5 000 for registration,
  • And for sharing Primevault-sponsored adverts on your social media accounts, you earn N150.
  • You can also earn N1 200 when you refer one person to the website
  • Primevault pays you N100 every day you log in to your Privault account.
  • Additionally, you will earn N150 daily for every task you do on the platform
Primevault Ultimate Plan

 Briefly, the following are the offers in this investment plan:

  • N 5000 for registration
  • You can earn N150 daily for logging into
  • An extra N200 for doing specific tasks
  • Another N200 for sharing a primevault-sponsored advert to your social media account.
  • Lastly, you can earn N1 500 per individual you refer to

Are you running short of capital for investing in Primevault? You can still invest using Primevault’s peer-to-peer earning model. Through this scheme, you can earn 50% profit as Return on Investment. Then you can refund your lender in less than a month.

Moreover, the company uses its current prime forum to educate primers on several earning avenues. Do you wish to start earning on the website? See below for more information.

To earn daily income from the website, you merely have to sign in to your account, and also perform other tasks listed in your membership package.

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How You Can Withdraw Profits from the Website

So far members can withdraw money from the Platform. Is Legit in this regard? Well, you can give it a try.

Here’s how you can withdraw your earnings from the website:

  • You cannot withdraw less than N5 000
  • Your investment must reach the 30 days maturation period before you can withdraw.
  • Withdrawal typically takes two (2) days

Quick Steps for Registering on

To register on, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the Register Option
  • Acquire a coupon from Primevault coupon vendors
  • Then continue to the signup page
  • Enter all the required details in the relevant boxes
  • Finally, you can click on Create Account.

Verdict: Is Legit?

Based on the foregoing, we can infer these results about the credibility of Primevault:

Unlike most Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria, Primevault is not registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission. And it does not have any office locations or traceable affiliate partners.

Also, nothing is known about the owner of the website currently. It also implies that no one is liable to prosecution, should the company breach the contract.

Further, the website only mentions vague procedures for earning on the app. It does not guarantee to cover any losses, nor does it share its earning avenues

Although primevault is recent compared to other online earning platforms, it does not show proof of payment. As such, while investing in any of the Primevault Membership Plan, you should know that the company does not cover losses or delays in making payment.

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