How To Hide/Unhide Files and Apps On Android Phones

How To Hide/Unhide Files and Apps On Android Phones: While going through the web, I tripped on the case that people appear to have problems with how to Hide/Unhide Files, apps on their Android phones. Well, I have decided to write this information to solve this problem.

How To Hide Files and Apps on Infinix Android Phones

  • Go through the app list and find the xHide (if this your first time setting up fon your device).
  • Follow the displayed instruction
  • Enter your security password
  • Choose the contents you’d like to hide, and you are set to go.

By default, the app is installed hidden. Meaning, the app won’t be recognized with your apps on your menu page. However, you can decide to show the app amongst the app menu.

  • To achieve this, follow the steps below:
  • Open the app
  • Click on Settings
  • Shift the hidden mode off (grey). To return to being hidden (which i highly recommend), shift the unknown mode option ON (green).  After that, you will be asked to key in a dial code to activate.

How To Unhide Apps and Files on Android Phones (Infinix)

  • To unhide apps or files on android phones
  • Dial the required code (##) and security pin.
  • For example; write ##1234, where 1234 is the security pin.
  • Dialing that code, the app should automatically start.
  • Select the category. This includes communications, pictures, videos, records, and app hide.
  • Select the files or apps you’d like to Unhide and follow the onscreen instructions. You should be good to go.

How To Hide/Unhide Files on Other Android Phones?

If using any other Android phone from an Infinix phone, there’s another step to doing so.

  • Go to the file manager
  • Tap on the option (in vertical order) button and select show hidden files.
  • Create a new folder with any name of your choice. Include a dot (.) before that name. For example, .techsngfilehidetuts
  • Move the files you’d like to hide to that folder.
  • When done, tap on the option (in vertical order) button again and select hide hidden files.
  • At this point, the files under that folder will not be visible on the android device. To unhide, follow the same steps and this time, remove the data from the folder.

There you have it. Being able to hide\unhide apps and files on an android phone is that simple. Questions? Feel free to ask using the comment session


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