How To Fix Hard Disk Errors | Chkdsk Command

How To Fix Hard Disk Errors | Chkdsk Command: The chkdsk command is command applied for retrieving or fixing a particular drive. It also utilized to repair, improve, or identify data on a hard drive or disk.

The chkdsk command is the latest test to detect a stroke or malfunctioning hard disk. The control is open on the Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista and XP Os. Even on MS-DOS.

Repair The following using Chkdsk Command

The command can be applied to fix regular Windows errors, including the following.

  • Boot.ini error
  • Corrupt NTOSKRNL.EXE
  • 0xc0000001 for the Windows Vista Pc
  • 0xc000014C for the Windows 8 Pc
  • 0x00000024
  • Blue screen error
  • 0x0000007B windows error

Typical Hard disk problems

  • Directory malfunctions
  • Faulty sectors
  • Lost data

How To Apply The Chkdsk Command

To apply the chkdsk command, use the following:

Formula 1: From File Explorer

  • Open the File Explorer
  • Tap on this PC
  • Right-click on the disk
  • Move down and tap on properties
  • Tap on the tools icon
  • Next tap Check on the error checking field. The scanning procedure will begin in a few minutes.
  • A notification will display, “Your drive was successful.” Click on show details to see the total disk space and discovered errors if any.

Formula 2: From Command Prompt

Opening the command prompt display alternates with the version of Windows OS

  • Visit the windows search box
      1. Window 7(tap the start key by locating the search dialog box)
      2. Windows 8 or 8.1 (tap the Windows and C to launch the search dialog box)
      3. Windows 10 (click the Windows key then pick the search menu)
  • Enter cmd in the search tab
  • Right click on chkdsk
  • Operate as administrator
  • The command prompt will immediately appear.

The chkdsk command prompt is the following.

    • /f – To repair the errors on the disk
    • /r- Retrieve readable data on the wrong section on a drive.
    • /x -This command alights the disk before a scan starts.

Chkdsk command is one of the most potent self-fix skills you can possess in your life because it repairs common issues that usually will require some cash.


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