Google Data Studio | Tutorial and Benefits        

Google Data Studio: Tutorial and Benefits: This is a customer analytic web assistance that assists web owners to understand web analytic data into an understandable report. It effectively data into easy-to-understand reports using data visualization.

These statements can be read, share, and even customize easily for clients. Furthermore, users customize can select how to display the data bar. The options include graphs, charts, line graphs, and so on.

How to Access Google Data Studio

Like any other Google service, this service requires your Gmail address.

  • Proceed to visit
  • Log in using your Google Analytics login data.
  • Note that you might have restricted functionalities if you are using a free google analytics account.
  • Google grants free analytics users to create five custom reports.

Straight away after logging in, google provides you a feel of what to anticipate from Google data studio. There are several samples of news that you can produce and information you can pull in. The static images will descriptively show how you can get this done.

Google Data Studio Tutorial

“Welcome To Data Studio”

  • Scroll down and click on welcome to Data Studio. You get to see a visual, interactive tutorial on how to use Data Studio and how to get commenced. Assure not to leap the videos.
  • Other introduction videos are accessible on YouTube and how to create your first report.
  • The upper left-hand edge on the home page, there is Reports and Data Sources. Under the reports, users can create reports and data visualizations.
  • Google Data Studio uses the familiar Google Drive interface
  • To create, start a new report.
  • Click on the blue plus (+) icon (found at the bottom right-hand corner)
  • Accept the terms and conditions

Why You Need GDS

Web stats can be confusing, and the data can be scattered and unorganized with spreadsheets. The bottom line of this service is to make web stats easy to comprehend.

These data presentation and report can serve as a tool when talking to clients one on one. You can also email the data report.

Clients can easily understand your data with or without you being there.

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