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Godaddy hosting plans are famous around the globe for speed and reliability, and for achieving an overall best performance as a hosting company. Although there will be ads littered on the display by the company, Godaddy hosting plans are still viable offers as its millions of users keep on increasing around the globe.

The services offered by this web host includes professional email, web hosting, domain registration, and different website builders.

You can view the staggering packages offered on Godaddy at a glance:

Normal monthly pricing: $8.99

24-hours US support all year round.

As high as 33% discount.

An uptime of 99.9% (this is guaranteed)

All of these offers are very interesting for anyone intending to use Godaddy. We have written this article with a view to telling you more about this web host, the plan cache, the general advantages it confers on users, and the negative aspects as well.

You will have more nuanced grasp of the web host and how to use it to achieve your set purpose. Apparently, the verdict is that Godaddy is a high-performing web host according to reviews from many users.

Advantages of Godaddy Web Hosting Plans

The following are the advantageous sides to Godaddy that has kept users thrilled:


You do not often come across a hosting company that offers an affordable hosting plan with satisfactory loading speed. Godaddy is quite exceptional in this aspect, the loading speed of pages is amazing.


There are charts where the comparative performances of the best web hosting companies have been plotted, it turns out that Godaddy has an average loading time that is faster than a sizeable number of other companies. However, there are a few competitors with faster loading time. The loading time can as well be boosted by subscribing to a higher-tiered hosting plan on Godaddy.

The web host is certainly not the fastest providers on the market but you are bound to enjoy your web speed.


Uptime is very important when you are selecting Godaddy as the best hosting company for building your website. Uptime is a time-dependent activity metric that records how your site has been running. An uptime of 96.8% can mean that a website was not functional for a few days in that year.

Currently, Godaddy delivers a mean uptime of 99.9% per annum. This comes with slight deviations as a few months will be lower than this average while others will be above it. The interspersed uptime rates provide an overall satisfactory high uptime on Godaddy. By experience, the lowest uptime rate on the web host is barely 12 minutes.


The drag-and-drop Godaddy web builder is very easy to use and quite easy for beginners to familiarize themselves with. You can install over a hundred apps with a single click. Besides having access to useful tools such as Python, different versions of PHP, and MySQL, you also get to install Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla with one click.

As you can see from the foregoing, Godaddy caters for the needs of such varied users as bloggers, tech experts, and beginners too.


We mentioned earlier that Godaddy is an affordable web hosting company. The starter price is mere $5.99 a month, a steal. Although there are a number of other web hosts with lower starter price, Godaddy’s is very close on their heels. Some reviews include this web host pricing in the list of affordable hosting companies.

The highest price on the plan is actually a trifle less than $240 a year (this the top tier plan). If you are looking to spend less on a host plan, you should look more closely into Godaddy.

Some Things Worth Knowing about Godaddy

Some Omitted Basic Features on Godaddy

On other hosting companies, you can get basic features such as guaranteed free weekly backups, free SSL certificate, and basic security, but you will have to purchase these features if you are using Godaddy. You either buy these basic features or you subscribe to higher-tier plans to access improved values.

Also, it is not possible to migrate freely on Godaddy. And even when you have paid for this operation, it takes as long as 10 days to get over with. This means that site migration is not only for a fee but also proceeds slowly.

There are so many interesting offers and real value packages provided to customers by Godaddy, but there are still some potential red flags to watch out for before going any further with the company. These are:

Increased renewal rates and intermittent upsells

Although we have mentioned that Godaddy is affordable, you will have to deal with being baited with Upsells. Upsells come in the guise of additional “extras” but with fees attached to it. You can see that pricing on the web host takes on undesirable overtones as you proceed.

Customer Support

Godaddy avails you customer support. But do not get your hopes up, the customer support performance does not live up to expectation. However, there are instances when the customer support delivers satisfactory services.

Domain Registration

Despite the reputation Godaddy has built for being one of the best web hosting companies, it is more famous for being a domain registrar. You will have an easier time doing domain registration with alternative companies though.


Basically, Godaddy add-ons are some features you only get to use for extra fees. Although the lowest tier plan on this web host is enticing, you will be required to agree to a 3 years contract with the company. You may not find this binder amenable to your prospects.

You should, naturally, expect the price to go up after the first year’s plan. This is not a unique issue with Godaddy as so many hosting companies also increase the rates after the first y3ear. If you consider this closely, Godaddy pricing spikes are actually not quite high compared to those other hosting companies.

The VPS plans and the WordPress Pro 5+ mitigate these increases in the renewal price, as you can continue using them at the initial starter rate.

Different Hosting Plans on Godaddy

This hosting company offers varied cache of web hosting plans that covers any task you wish to carry out on your website. Godaddy avails millions of users different kinds of plans to pick from. This spans different plan options for agencies, blogs and websites. The following section looks into some of these plans.

Shared Hosting

If you are just starting out on a new website, you might want to consider using this plan. Using this Godaddy hosting plan you can build your intended website from the basics. Many beginner websites subscribe to this pricing offer as it suits their purpose and a concise analysis of this price shows that it offers real value for amounts as cheap as $5.99 a month.

In the event that you wish to grow a high traffic website, then you should consider opting for the ultimate plan. As already remarked above, there are over a hundred applications and an all-day security backup that you can install with a single click on any of the Godaddy hosting plans. Additionally, you can use one-click to download RAM and CPU on your admin dashboard.

WordPress hosting plan

You will have heard of WordPress as it is the go-to web hosting plan for most builders. The wide usage should factor in your choice of hosting plan once you are on Godaddy. You should know that this Godaddy plan is the same as shared web hosting but with the veneer of a preinstalled WordPress.

Note that when you begin on any of these plans, you might have to pay for the steady nightly backups on the website availing you the most recent versions of WordPress.

The tariff plans are as delineated below:

  • Basic: starter price is $6.99 a month and renews at $9.99
  • Deluxe: starter price is $9.99 a month and renews at $14.99
  • Ultimate: starter price is $12.99 a month and renews at $19.99
  • Pro 5+: starter price is at $29.99 per month and renews at the same price.

If you are looking to create a new website, you can use some of the tools that come with the Godaddy WordPress plan such as page editors and templates. To spice up the offers, the web host provides an uptime of 99.9% for every of the WordPress hosting plans.

The website you build on this WordPress plan allows as many as 400 000 visitors per month, which is a nice score. Godaddy avails you additional features such as an in-built SEO and signup forms.

VPS hosting

There are two offers in this hosting plan:

  1. Managed VPS hosting plan, and
  2. Self-managed VPS hosting plan.

Only expert users get to use the self-managed hosting plan at a percentage of the usual rate.

Besides improved speed and better performance, there are some other benefits you can gain from using the VPS. One of these is that the discount offer continues even after renewing your plan. The Godaddy VPS can also work as a database or email server.

When you acquire their Expand package, you can enjoy additional offers such as storage capacity of 200 GB, 4 CPU cores, and 8 GB of RAM. This Godaddy VPS is very suitable for managing multiple websites and for achieving high-end tasks on your eCommerce website.

Godaddy Dedicated Servers

The web host dedicated servers come at very affordable prices. You can use Godaddy’s virtual private servers if you intend to buy a dedicated web hosting plan at a cheap price. Although some reviews do not rank the VPS emailing service, Godaddy dedicated servers are worth a measure of praise for high performance and affordability.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

If you take a cursory look at the price offers in this hosting plan, it might be a bit discouraging. For practical purposes, the price is appropriate unless you try to check this against the price listing of other hosting companies. Even at that, Godaddy’s dedicated hosting plans are competitive when paired off with other servers.

Using the dedicated hosting plans depends on the size of the website you want to build. A more ambitious site requiring much organization and control will find the dedicated hosting plans to be suitable. Also, these servers grant you unlimited access to useful resources.

We recommend that you try Godaddy dedicated server when you wish to build websites that will require many resources and for websites with traffic passing the VPS plan limits

Reseller Hosting

This hosting plan is tailored to suit the needs of designers, developers, and other entities who intend to maximize options for more profit.

Through this, Godaddy helps you to configure any of the hosting plans that you wish. There are additional benefits like facilities for you to manage support tickets, options for payment, invoices and others.

If you read my guide on the best reseller hosting plans, you’ll find GoDaddy on the list side-by-side with some of the other best-hosting providers in the industry.

The different prices for the reseller plan are listed below:

Enhanced: starter price is $39.99 a month

Grow: starter price is $49.99 a month

Expand: starter price is $64.99 a month

Established: starter price is $89.99 a month

If you eventually settle for any of Godaddy reseller plans, you will access their free WHMCS integrated license allowing for as many as 250 accounts.

You also get to sell some of Godaddy products to your clients, as well as products extracted from third parties. In this way, you can create a wider profit margin while reaching your clients on just one platform all at the same time.


Is Godaddy a desirable hosting company for you? The obvious answer here is yes. The staggering cache of real value offers are just too many to overlook.

Godaddy has garnered critical acclaim and reviews from reputable sources for it high performance and outstanding features. Understandably, there will be mixed feelings regarding the marketing strategy of the hosting company, but this does not diminish Godaddy reputation for availing users satisfactory products.

As we have discussed in the foregoing sections, the hosting company provides different offers depending on your choice of Godaddy hosting plan. These are: Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Apart from the few negative aspects as par pricing on Godaddy, there are generally good products and features for you to access on this web host. You should pay them a visit!