FRSC Plate Number Verification | Online Verify Your Vehicle’s Plate Number (Step By Step)

Are you interested on verifying your car or vehicle Plate Number? FRSC Plate Number Verification will be explained about and how it is done here Step by step. Plate number as we all know is the identity given to cars following a registration/certification with the federal road safety commission (FRSC). It is a combination of alphabets and digits then with the name of the state and her slogan, printed on a rectangular steel material attached to both front and back of a vehicle.

FRSC Plate Number Verification

Whatever car that will be worthy to drive on a federal road must have a valid FRSC Plate Number Verification. This plate number is acquired via and after a thorough registration that is being done nationwide at any office of the federal road safety commission FRSC in your individual state.

Every vehicle irrespective of who occupies it is expected to be registered with a valid plate Number and must be issued a unique plate number. The owner of the car or vehicle will ascertain the type of plate number that will be assigned to his or her car. For example, cars owned by the federal government, state government, individual, organizations, companies etc will all have a slight difference in their car plate numbers that will indicate ownership. There is no much difference in the plate numbers but there is usually little difference in color used to inscribe the combination of digits and alphabets on the plate. Nevertheless, they all have white color background with a Nigerian flag beneath it.

FRSC Plate Number Verification, How To Verify Your Car Registration Number Online

Recently the federal road safety commission came up with a system called the National Vehicle Identification System. This system is an online vehicle Plate Number Verification/identification system. It helps users to know if a particular plate number used by cars was actually assigned to that car.

This is being done in other to enable car owners to verify their plate number and take appropriate steps if by any means you discover your car uses an invalid plate number or a plate number assigned to another vehicle. The verification is easy and can be done at any point in time without any additional cost. All you need to do is to have a good internet enabled device such as your mobile phone device, tablet, desktop computer or laptop with an internet connection or an ISP provider then kindly follow these Step By Step procedures on how to do online Plate Number Verification below:

  1.     Login to
  2.     Then Navigate and click on “verify Plate Number” at the right-hand corner of the website page.
  3.     Input your Vehicles plate number in the box provided such as “DEG854PJ”
  4.     Verify the number you entered and then click on the “verify” button just below the box.

The web page will load new web content containing information concerning the vehicle. It could tell you if the Plate Number is wrong or invalid or that it is valid with the car owners name and date of registration. If the details do not look or indicate your car name, please endeavor to go to the nearest federal road safety commission FRSC office close to you for a fresh and thorough car registration.

FRSC Plate Number Verification

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Please Note:

The FRSC Plate Number Verification should be done first at the FRSC office before you proceeding to police for a tinted permit because you might have problems with them if they find out. Also, remark that this verification is only relevant to the car plates numbers with this formats ABC123AB, not AB123ABC.

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