Create a Facebook event and manage a Facebook event

Create a Facebook event and manage a Facebook event,

Before we do anything lets, first of all, know what a Facebook event is?  Facebook event is a section on Facebook which helps the user to gather, organize, and respond to things happening within and around the world by the same Facebook users. The user gathers people together to set up an event with the Facebook, Event Manager.

According to record, Facebook has over 490 million users that use Facebook page events monthly, and in your page you can create an event, connect with your audience and you can also empower them and spend quality time with your audience in the real world. And also it has been recorded that about 35 million people view the page of the event on Facebook.

Things you need to know about the Facebook events

Users can create awareness among their loved ones and friends which makes their Facebook events outstanding by the following.

  1. One can select an event photo or video
  2. One can make a neat and concise event name.
  3. One can set a specific time and date to the event which makes people discover it.
  4. One can add a location which is the same with the Facebook page which will make the viewer locate and learn about your event quickly.
  5. One can make a description of the event.
  6. One can be able to link up an URL field to specify its event

Steps to create Facebook events

  1. Open to your Facebook page by clicking your Facebook icon on your application menu which leas you to your news feed that is if you are logged in if you’re not then you log in your details.
  2. On the page, you will see 3 lines icon at the top right corner of the screen click it, and the menu comes up.
  3. You will see the event, click on it.
  4. On the page of the event for Android users click on the blue plus sign and for iPhone click on create this action will lead you to a menu at the down of the screen.

After that, we go to steps to select an event type on Facebook

How to select an event type

After you have located your create event platform, then you Select event.

  1. Select the event type. For Android users you have to click on the event type and choose one, iPhone users just choose the type you want on the menu.
  2. Enter the name you will like to use for the event in the box EVENT TITLE
  3. Upload pictures for the event by selecting either a camera or photo icon which leas you to your gallery.
  4. Select a time for the event by clicking on the current time and then select the date and tap OK.
  5. Click on the location field and type in the location which assigns the event an address
  6. You can add a description by using the more info button and then Fill out the information you need to pass across to the viewers.
  7. After which you will click on CREATE which is a button blue in colour and this will now publish the event.

With these steps, you can comfortably make your event known to the world.


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