Facebook Dark Mode – How to Enable the Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Facebook Dark Mode – How to Enable the Facebook Messenger Dark Mode: Do you know what facebook dark mode is? The Facebook dark mode is a tool that makes your facebook messenger background color all black. There are lots of social media programs in the system, but only a few draw attention whenever the topic of social media platforms are said.

Facebook arguably the biggest social media platform in the globe. With the Facebook program, you can make a lot of things. You cannot only converse on the platform. On the platform, you can perform money transactions, play games, see movies, stream live events, make voice and video calls, and vend your business and much more.

Facebook Dark Mode


And now Facebook has created another tool and feature to make the platform more compelling.  The name of this tool just included is Facebook dark mode. The Facebook dark mode was once a tool in the program but was removed.

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But now Facebook is now bringing in the feature back. The feature is only accessible to mobile device members. You can only get passage to this Facebook characteristic on your Android and iOS mobiles. The feature is not available to users using desktop devices.

How to Begin With the Facebook Dark Mode Feature

This element is only open to the facebook messenger. This is because it can only be stimulated via chatting. For you to get commenced with this tool, you have to own a facebook account and also be on the facebook messenger.

If you do not have a facebook account, you need to produce one now. Or if you don’t feel like formulating a facebook account, you can sign up with the facebook messenger application.

But before you do that you first need to get and install the app on your mobile. You can get his app from your mobile app store.

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How to Activate the Feature Facebook Messenger

To activate this feature follow the steps below;

  • Open the facebook messenger app on your mobile.
  • You will have to send a moon or crescent emoji to a Facebook friend on the program.
  • After sending it, you will have to click on the emoji regularly until you see a group of the moon or crescent emojis on your mobile.
  • You will receive the information that you have opened the feature.
  • To enable this feature, you will have to hit on the “turn on” in the settings section. To save you the time you can also quickly turn on this element from your settings list.