YouTube: This is the best video distribution website with all types motion pictures etc ranging from the latest video song, funny clips, educational video, movie trailers and or whole movies, they are always there.

But, to watch these videos, you must have a reliable network/internet connection.

YouTube itself does not have or offer users with the option to download videos on PC and other mobiles.

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Even in smartphones where there is save option, it doesn’t really download the video to your device memory but will keep the downloaded YouTube video in the YouTube app and you will only have to view them only when you go to the app.

Making it hard to be able to download and watch offline any YouTube video in any format to through the desired media player, transfer or even edit it.

Moreover, this amazing FreeGrabApp has made downloading of YouTube videos a piece of cake with its Free YouTube Download option and access.

FreeGrabApp Free YouTube Download App Brief Detail

The makers of the FreeGrabApp has created NetFlix, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitch, MySpace, Vimeo video downloader and Free YouTube Download is one of the successful software which is currently in use by thousands.

FreeGrabApp Free YouTube Download is a Windows software which allows you to easily download any YouTube video in any format (480p, 360p, 720p/1080p HD MP4 etc).

With this awesome software, you are only three simple steps away from downloading a YouTube video of your desired resolution.

Through this easy step by step guide, we are going to show/teach you how to be able to make use of this easy made straight forward software program.

FreeGrabApp Free YouTube Download – How to Download

It is well assumed that you already have the software installed in your PC. If not, please first download the software, install it and then come back and carefully follow this guide. We will also provide you with the portal to download the software below:

First Step: Open the FreeGrabApp your desktop’s shortcut or from the Start menu of your windows.

The software will first of all open up a screen in front of you which itself will try to provide you with instructions on how to download any YouTube video.

Free Youtube Download Home

The Instruction only tells you the three simple steps to start downloading YouTube videos as below:

Copy a video link of your choice from your browser to the clipboard

Click “Paste” when in the software

then Click “Download.”

The simple steps above are well explained beneath from the next step

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Second Step: Copy Video URL from YouTube

Search and open the YouTube video which you want to download using your web browser.

Select as a whole and copy the video’s URL from your browser’s address bar by pressing Ctrl+C which is the Copy option’s shortcut key.

Also from the context menu, you can click the right soft key and select the copy option from there.

Third Step: FreeGrabApp Download YouTube Video

As you have copied the YouTube video URL and is in your clipboard, go to the software’s screen and click the “Paste” icon available at the top-left corner.

The FreeGrabApp will automatically grab the video URL, parse it and show its details such as video description and default formats in which they will get downloaded with size. You can change the video resolution if you want.

Step 4: Download Video

Now, when you have changed the video to the desired resolution, and you are ready to download the video, click the “Download” button provided at the top menu and all your added videos will start downloading at the fastest speed.

FreeGrabApp Free YouTube Download is capable of downloading multiple videos at the same time. So, all your videos will be downloaded quickly.

Once the download is finished, it will automatically open the output folder from where you can view the video.

Trending Downloads:

Video Output

FreeGrabApp Free YouTube Download Settings

The software provides ample settings to personalize video downloading just according to you.

Firstly, it allows you to download multiple YouTube videos as well as a YouTube Playlist. Then, you can pause any video download as resume it later anytime you want.

Moreover, under the Tools and Settings menu, provided at the top-right corner, there are many important settings.

FreeGrabApp Settings

You can save the entire list of added videos or load multiple videos from a list containing links to multiple YouTube videos.

You can change open or change video output folder, increase download threads to download more video simultaneously, set default video resolution and audio quality, and so much more.



FreeGrabApp Free YouTube Download is the only software you need to download any YouTube videos or playlist.

The software is small and simple but completes every need you have with YouTube video downloading. You can even download YouTube to Mp3 through the software.

The free version allows you to download YouTube videos up to 480p while the PRO version available for just $12.99 lets you download YouTube videos in 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, and even higher video resolutions.

If you are still in doubt, try FreeGrabApp Free YouTube Download yourself, and sure, you will love it.

If you do and you want to download YouTube videos in HD resolutions, do consider purchasing its PRO version, it worth every dime.