Canada Government Scholarship | Scholarship for International Students

Is getting a scholarship offer from Canadian University been hard for you? Do you wish to study in Canada? Then apply for this Canada Government Scholarship Program for International Students.

Understanding the procedure involved in this process can help you apply for the scholarship successfully. Likely, you may even get a fully-funded sponsorship.

Also, learn about the eligibility criteria, including other necessary materials, if you are looking for an opportunity to do a post-graduate program.

About Canada Government Scholarship Programs

Canada cultivates a healthy scheme towards maintaining elite education and scholarship programs for students. The country is also home to many private and government-owned universities. And they all foster genial atmospheres for study. Nowhere could be more ideal to an African student intending to do a master’s program in a foreign university.

Here are the Canada Government Scholarship Programs and other privately-funded Scholarship programs in Canada and the USA:

  • NSERC 2022 Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
  • 2022 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Fellowship
  • 2022 President’s Scholarship for World Leaders
  • President’s Winnipeg World Leadership Program
  • 2022 Frank J. Richter Scholarship
  • 2022 Vanier CGS Program for Graduate Students
  • Humber 2022 Scholarship Program
  • 2022 Wilfrid Laurier University
  • 2022 Master’s Program at Laval University

These scholarship opportunities include those with full funding from an independent body. You should, therefore, prepare well for them as the process can be tough and selective.

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The Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

2022/2023 Edith Cowan University Scholarship in Australia Early Acceptance

Canada Government Scholarship: Benefits

The following are the benefits accruing to successful beneficiaries of the Canada Government Scholarship Program 2022:

  • It is fully-funded, although a few of these organizations only pay part of the tuition fee
  • Covers your flight
  • Students whose households or special needs person depends on will get about $10,200 as a “family stipend”.
  • The scholarship pays the requisite health surcharge by the immigration agency
  • Students stand a good chance of getting as much as a $14,700 upkeep stipend.
  • Lastly, it also covers the cost of attending necessary classes and seminars relevant to students’ courses. 

How You Can Apply for the Scholarship

The process involved in selecting eventual candidates for the Canada Government Scholarship Program 2022 is handled by the sponsors and the schools. However, you need not apply through a rigorous process. You only have to secure admission into a Canadian university. Then the school will take care of the rest.

Also, to have an easier time getting an admission, you should consider meeting these requirements:

  • Ensure your cumulative GPA that is greater than the requisite threshold
  • Have a ready CV from a credible previous school
  • You may also forward every piece of information that renders more credence to your eligibility.
  • Also, you will show proof of proficiency in the use of English: or other spoken languages in the university you are applying for. IELTS for all English-speaking parts of Canada.

Check the Website to get a Complete List of Scholarship Application Requirements.