BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship Program

You can apply for the scholarship opportunity offered by the BI Norwegian Business School. Learn about the BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship and how you can apply for it here in this post.

Also, it is worthy of note that the BI Norwegian Scholarship is only available to competent students in their fields of study. Regardless of other necessary criteria for application, it is still accessible to Africans and other international students. 

Note: this is NOT an exclusively-Africans initiative.

BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship: Overview

The BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship may be fully-funded or covers only part of the cost. It is, however, dependent on the sponsorship scheme. Students studying for longer periods, while meeting the requirements, can get fully-covered tuition from the school.

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Quick Facts about the BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship

The following are the essential points about the scholarship description:

It is sponsored by the BI Norwegian Business School. It also holds exams and other relevant tests in the school.

Further, the funding transits from partial to full, if the student meets the criteria. The entire worth of the scholarship does not work on a rigid scheme for all the students. It differs.

Moreover, only graduate students may apply for the BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship. And they can do so for all the Master’s degree courses in the school.

Check the School Website Here

Selection Preference

Like many specialist institutions, the BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship selects students with proven talent in their field of study.

Because the scholarship holds for international students, it is truly a diversity-inclined scheme. It, however, operates on a weighted metric since it favors partnership countries and other affiliated business schools.

It further checks the equivalence of degrees in the application against the corresponding ECT in Norway.

Additionally, to increase your chances of getting accepted in the BI Norwegian Business School, provide excellent certificates, appraisals, or awards for remarkable work. Students seeking this opportunity for the first time get selection precedence over second-timers.


Do you wish to apply for this Norwegian scholarship? See if you are eligible for application from the list below:

  • Only international students may apply
  • Applicants will provide evidence of academic qualification for the scholarship program
  • To retain your scholarship offer, you need to keep abreast of these threshold scores:
  • Have at least 30 ECT per semester 
  • Record a total of at least B as a GPA score, depending on the BI ECT metrics.
  • The School requires eventual master’s degree holders to contribute to their community work, reach-outs, and peace-fostering efforts.


Like we said previously, the scholarship worth holds a different cache for every program.

Also the BI Norwegian Business School 2021 Scholarship offers free tuition or covers the partial cost depending on whether students meet the requirements.

Depending on the contract, you may get a single upkeep stipend, but not progressively.

This Norwegian Business School Scholarship Program employs a thorough selection process. It includes sponsorship charts giving recurring stipends to students every semester.

How You Can Apply for the Scholarship

Note: the school accepts only applications submitted within the valid period.

So, to be on the safe side, you should apply in time. Follow these steps, to apply successfully:

  • First, write an application not exceeding one page. It should bear your credentials and also explain how suitable you are for the program.
  • Second, submit your application. Remember, do not wait till the process is over before applying.
  • Lastly, always refer back to the website to get result updates. Always remember that this scholarship program is for graduate students. You should not apply if you are not studying for a Master’s Degree yet.