3 Websites to Download Instagram Videos and Photos

3 Websites to Download Instagram Videos and Photos: Downloading  Instagram is no uncertainty, the most well-known photo-sharing social platform. Thousands of photos and video clips are uploaded on the web interface daily.

As entertaining and appealing as the program can be, the interface has a significant defect – being inadequate to ‘properly’ get pictures and videos put up on the platform.

Instagram’s failure to download videos and photos on the interface can be alarming. Imagine going through the program; you discover this fascinating video or picture you’d like to have on your device. But since there is no button to download the video, you only see and move on. In the matter of pictures, you take a screenshot.

I realize there are quite some apps you can utilize in solving this. One well-known app being Instasave, appear not to run anymore. At most limited, on iOS. Ascribing the URL and requiring to download any Instagram video or photo could present an error with a report of copyright concerns.

Therefore, typically, the value of the official instasave apk only regards to downloads of your personally shared videos and photos on Instagram. And truthfully, what’s the fun in that?

Here, I’d be dealing with you, three free web tools you can utilize in downloading videos found on Instagram.

3 Best Instagram Downloader for All devices


DownloadVideosFrom is a free web resource for downloading not only Instagram media view files, but also Instagram audio files. The mp3 format is gotten by converting mp4 videos to mp3.

Enter the Instagram Video or Photo web address into the ‘put in Instagram Video URL’ field and then tap on the product you’d like to collect. This app could be both MP3 output, MP4, or photo.


W3Toys? Odd name, yes? I mean, the title doesn’t appear to be in line with what the web resource allows.

Oh yeah, w3toys is added web tool that enables you to get Instagram videos with no stress. Enter the Instagram video web address into the necessary area and tap the GO tap. Viola, the clip will be made ready for download.


DownloadGram seems to be more smooth compared to the two above. You can’t probably go misplaced with using DownloadGram.

This web tool enables you to download Instagram videos and pictures easily. All you require to do is, insert the Instagram video or picture web address into the area required, and tap the Download button.

The advantage of utilizing any of these web tools is, it keeps you from the problem of having to download an app which normally takes extra space on your device. And also takes away ads problems from apps

How To Download Instagram Videos and Pictures

Having known the tools stated above, you need the Instagram video or photo URL before a download can be achieved. Here, I’d show you how to go about that.

  • Start the Instagram app on your device
  • Click on the media file you’d like to get,
  • Tap on the button icon, located at the top right side of the page
  • Among the displayed options, tap on Copy Link
  • Return to any of the tools stated above and pasted the copied link into the required field and hit the Download or Go button.
  • The download will commence immediately.

There you have it. Being able to download Instagram videos and pictures is that simple. Aware of any other working tool? Feel free to share using the comment session.


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