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QUESTION. What is the aim of SIWES industrial training?

ANSWER. The SIWES industrial training is aimed at exposing students of the tertiary institutions to industry based-skills which is necessary for a smooth transition from the classroom to the real world of work.

It affords students of higher learning the opportunity of being familiarized and exposed to the needed experience in handling equipment and machinery which are usually not available within the school’s premises.

Q. What is the meaning of the acronym SIWES?

A. The acronym SIWES simply means Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme.

Q. Who are the beneficiaries of SIWES industrial training?

A. The beneficiaries of SIWES industrial training includes Undergraduate students of the following courses in the Tertiary Institutions:

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Environmental
  • Science
  • Education
  • Medical Science and
  • Pure and Applied Sciences.

Q. How & when was SIWES industrial training established?

A. SIWES industrial training was firstly established in year 1973 by Industrial Training Fund (ITF) to solve the problem of inefficient of adequate practical skills preparatory for employment in industries by Nigerian graduates of Higher institutions i.e Tertiary Institutions.

Q. Why should I participate in SIWES industrial training?

A. One really need to participate in the SIWES industrial training because participation in SIWES industrial training has become a necessary pre-condition for the award of Diploma and Degree certificates in specific disciplines in most institutions of higher learning in the country, by the education policy of the Nigerian government as the case may be.

Q. What is the duration of SIWES industrial training?

A. The duration of SIWES industrial training are as follows:-

Four months (4 Months) for Polytechnics and Colleges of Education

Six months (6 Months) for the Universities Undergraduates.

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Q. Who is funding the SIWES industrial training?

A. The funding of the SIWES industrial training is by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Q. How many institutions are participating in the SIWES industrial training?

A. The correct number of SIWES (Industrial Training) participating institutions are as follows below:-

  • Universities = 59
  • Polytechnics = 85
  • Colleges of Education = 62
  • TOTAL = 206

Q. What steps do I take to commence SIWES industrial training?

A. The answer is you will take two practical steps to commence the SIWES industrial training, they are:-.

>>>One must have been accepted for placement in a recognized organization for your attachment during SIWES industrial training.

>>>One must have completed the necessary forms (i.e., form 002-005) and participate fully in the orientation before posting.

Who are the operators of SIWES industrial training?

The operators of SIWES industrial training is the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), the coordinating agencies are (NUC, NCCE, NBTE), employers of labor and the institutions.

Q. How many students have participated in SIWES industrial training so far?

A. According to the latest report, the total number of students that have participated in the SIWES industrial training from Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education at the end of 2007 was approximately 194, 890.

Q. What is the duration of the SIWES industrial training?

A. The duration for the SIWES industrial training is 6 months at a stretch for degree programs in Universities. The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) will not pay for any period of fewer than 6 months.

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Q. In which organization can I do my SIWES industrial training?

A. The organizations one can do his/her SIWES industrial training may include governmental establishments, parastatals, private including industries.

Q. Will there be an inspection on SIWES industrial training?

A. Yes!, there will undoubtedly be inspections on SIWES industrial training exercise.

Q. Who will carry out the inspection on SIWES industrial training exercise?

A. Below are the following officers who will and can inspect on SIWES industrial training students:-

>>>Industrial Training Fund (ITF) officials

>>>Directorate officials and

>>>Lecturers of the student’s Institutions.

Q. Can one repeat the SIWES industrial training exercise?

A. For sure Yes!, one will surely repeat the SIWES industrial training if he or she has failed due to absenteeism, poor presentation of industrial training report, a bad report from employers, etc. as the case may be.

Q. What is the credit load of SIWES industrial training?

A. In Universities, 1 credit unit is assigned to each month of training, i.e., a 6-month SIWES industrial training carries 6 credit units while a 3-month SIWES industrial training duration carries 3 credit units.

Q. How much does Government pay students on SIWES industrial training?

A. The current allowance so far approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria for SIWES industrial training Programme are as shown below:-

Students – N2,500.00 per student per month.

Supervisory – N 250.00 per student per month.

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Q. How would students on SIWES industrial training be accessed?

A. Students on SIWES industrial training programme shall be assessed using the following criteria and weighting as listed below:-

>>> Employers Rating = 30%

This will include the assessment of student’s attitude to work, punctuality, and attendance, etc.

>>> Institution’s Supervisors Rating = 20%

The Supervisors are expected to determine the student’s application of theory to practice.

>>> SIWES industrial training Technical Report = 20%

The SIWES industrial training technical team of the Schools shall examine the student’s SIWES industrial training report and grade accordingly.

>>> SIWES industrial training Log Book = 10%

The SIWES technical team of the department shall examine the students’ log-book and grade accordingly.

>>> Oral Interview or Seminar by Students = 20%

TOTAL 100%

Based on the SIWES industrial training report and logbook, each student shall be tested orally and graded as the case may be. Some universities within the country compel their students to present a SIWES industrial training seminar at the school level at the end of the SIWES industrial training attachment.

Q. Can I undertake SIWES industrial training abroad?

A. The answer is Yes!, you can but for sure there are some certain conditions that you must meet before you can be approved to undertake SIWES industrial training abroad. Find out details about the conditions from the Directorate within your reach.

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