2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program | Fully-Funded Program

2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

Have you ever heard of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program? Do you wish to benefit from a fully-funded program come 2022? Then learn about the 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program here.

The organization trains qualified candidates every year since its inception in 2002. As the name suggests, the 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program targets individuals who work to create peace and initiate development in their community.

Further, it disburses about one hundred and thirty (130) fellowships for successful applicants of its master’s courses. And it offers more than eighty awards for high-end courses in prestigious universities in the world.

Therefore, the organization calls for application from eligible candidates.

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Application is Open for 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

Finally, you can apply for this fully-funded Peace Fellowship Program and hope to succeed. Since it is currently open to interested applicants, read on below to learn how to apply.

Quick Facts:

  • The Rotary Foundation sponsors the 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program.
  • Usually, the Fellowship Program kicks off in Premier Universities
  • Rotary Foundation bears the full cost of the 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program
  • Also, the fellowship slot is 130
  • Further, the successful applicants will get Masters/Professional Certificate
  • Moreover, the Foundation bears the entire cost as per upkeep and tuition fees
  • Additionally, it is available to only the eligible candidates from around the globe. And these candidates must meet the eligibility criteria.

2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program: Eligibility

Below are the criteria you must meet before he enrolls for the peace program:

  • Possess a good command of the English Language
  • You must have a demonstrable three years’ experience at peace-keeping
  • Show proof of Leadership skills
  • You should be able to describe your peace scheme to reflect the goals of the Rotary Foundation
  • Rotary Foundation requires you to possess, at least, a bachelor’s degree
  • Your work history must include attempts at bridging cultural barriers and ability to pioneer development in different cultures.

Once the requisite criteria above is available, you can consider the range of subjects in the Fellowship Program here:

  • Security and Development
  • Peace Studies
  • Social Science
  • Conflict
  • International Development Policy
  • International Conflict Resolution
  • Understandably, the short list of courses above is only a part of the available courses in the 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program. See below for how to apply.

How to Apply for the Fellowship Program

Follow the steps below to apply for the fully-funded Rotary Foundation Fellowship Program:

Read the entire lists of courses for each center since you will do your Certificate and Master’s Program at two of these centers.

For your application form requisites, these materials are necessary:

  • Your resume
  • Recommendation from credible individuals or offices
  • An article relevant to the targets of the Rotary Foundation
  • Test Score for holders’ of Master’s Certificate
  • A blueprint for effecting change in society

Also, you need to secure an endorsement from the Rotary District closest to your location. check the website for more information

The Rotary foundation further encourages that you get close to the Rotary club near your vicinity. Although, this is not a strict requirement, it helps to acquaint you with the works overseen by the foundation. You can also get a grasp of real work situation and how you can prepare for it.

As the results of the application will come out in November, you should submit your application before 31 May

Moreover, the foundation will announce the successful candidates. Although this is a little progress, it does not imply that you have an offer for a university admission

Finally, do not expect to submit after the deadline.

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