2021/2022 Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship (AfOx) for Africans

2021/2022 Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship

Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship is a fully-funded program for Africans. Learn about the 2021/2022 Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship in this post. Known by the acronym, AfOx (short for Africa Oxford Initiative), the organization collaborates with the University of Oxford and Reuben College. 

Through their joint effort, the trio offers scholarship opportunities to students from Africa. Although the scholarship is a viable offer and is available every year, it only selects a few candidates with remarkable performances in relevant fields. And at this rate, the organization similarly offers the 2021/2022 Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship. 

2021/2022 Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship: Overview

The Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship Program is an intricate design that spans different course programs at Oxford University.

In simple terms, it serves as an intermediary for educational development. Since it allows Africans to further their education at Oxford University, it is a veritable rung helping students from Africa up the ladder to first-world education.

The program also adopts a pragmatic approach to analyzing and solving societal issues as they exist today. Are you looking for an opportunity to further your education? Do you wish to engage societal platforms through formal training in the relevant fields? If you want these, then apply for the 2021/2022 Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship. How do you do so? Read on below to learn about it.

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Worth/Pre-requisites of the Scholarship

At a glance, you can learn about the worth of this scholarship opportunity below:

  • It is fully-sponsored by the coalition of Reuben College and the Africa/Oxford Initiative
  • Also, Exams, or other requisite tests, take place in Reuben College.
  • Further, Reuben College only offers a master’s degree program for this scholarship.
  • Finally, as regards the available courses, students can apply for any courses with Master’s degree accreditation.

Eligibility Criteria 

These criteria listed must be met as the general pre-requisite for accessing this 2021/2022 Oxford Reuben Graduate Scholarship. They are:

  • Students from Africa are the only eligible applicants.
  • As Reuben College bestows a Master’s degree on those who have successfully gone through the program, it only accepts graduate students.
  • Students applying for this scholarship can forward their performance in their previous universities to AfOx as a prop.

How Do You Apply for this Scholarship Program?

Applying for admission at the University of Oxford is the preliminary step in this process. It also proves to be all the required applications since a separate panel finally selects the qualified students.

Check the Official Website for more information.

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